Always reach higher than you think you’re worth
Always reach higher than you think you’re worth
20 May 2018 • 2 minute read

Always reach higher than you think you’re worth

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I read once that if you’re looking for a job, you should just take the first one available so you don’t starve and then look for one that actually gives you satisfaction.

I don’t agree with that. Sylvester Stallone, when he wrote the scenario for Rocky and was so poor that he was forced to sell his beloved dog for $25, also didn’t agree with it. Otherwise, he would have taken the $125k that he was offered for the scenario, he would have never starred in the movie and most likely he would have ended up working in a pet store and the world would have never learned his name.

I remember when I managed to get a job interview in a place where I wanted to work since I was a kid. When I was sitting in the waiting room and saw all the other candidates, I just wanted to run away. I was sure that I will only make a fool of myself. The contrast between me and them was like in the movie “Intouchables”, when Diss was waiting in the hallway for a job interview as a caretaker of a disabled millionaire. In my opinion, I didn’t have a shot, in my head, I thought – what the fuck am I doing here?! I didn’t let those fears show, I got the job and never saw the other people from the waiting room again.

To be clear, a lot of people have a tendency to question their competences and overestimating competition. That’s why the lower you set the bar, the higher the competition and a bigger chance for failure.

Sometimes we’re eaten up by uncertainty, whether what we’re doing has any sense. Are we competent enough, and have enough knowledge in given fields. All those doubts cause us focus on irrelevant things, just to postpone the confrontation with reality. All of this consumes time, which works for our disadvantage, and additionally spreads even more doubts.

It’s not worth wondering if you’re good enough. Life is a constant development and you can always be better at something. Focus on what you have so far and I guarantee it’s worth much more than you think you’re worth.


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