Don’t sell your bitcoins

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I have friends, as everyone does, who are proponents of cryptocurrencies only when they make money on them, but when the exchange quotations go down, they don’t spare headlines such as ‘Bitcoin has died – the bubble burst’. What does not surprise me is that their relationships and all difficult life situations look the same. When an obstacle appears on the road, instead of efficiently bypass it, wait it out…

Always reach higher than you think you’re worth

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English | Polski I read once that if you’re looking for a job, you should just take the first one available so you don’t starve and then look for one that actually gives you satisfaction. I don’t agree with that. Sylvester Stallone, when he wrote the scenario for Rocky and was so poor that he was forced to sell his beloved dog for $25, also didn’t agree with it. Otherwise,…

Owning a business is not for people who are looking for comfort in life

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English | Polski I remember when I successfully qualified for an entrepreneurship support program and through it received additional funding to open my own business. My goal was to open a restaurant. On the day the results were announced, I was the happiest man in the world. I spend a long time working on the business plan, on emergency plans and on all the documents required for the funding. I…

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