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Vitalik Buterin – Michael Jordan of blockchain technology

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Vitalik Buterin is a 24 year-old who doesn’t necessarily give an impression of an intellectual at first glance. He’s rather the type of a kid you could assume used to sit in the back of the classroom and during breaks took other kids’ lunch money. Whoever came up with “don’t judge the book by its cover” must have been thinking of Vitalik. So who is Vitalik Buterin really? A genius…

Robert Gryn – from gamer to millionaire

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English | Polski Exhaustion, loneliness, depression, disorientation, stress, doubt. If you judge this book by its cover, you would think this is an introduction to the new season of Lost or a manual of how to settle your tax on your cryptocurrency earnings in Poland. It might come as a shock but this is actually a story of the first thirty-year-old featured on Forbes’ richest Polish people list. This is…

Phil Knight – The art of realization, crazy ideas

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English | Polski Phil Knight, 24 years old. One thing was clear from his biography. He was an educated man, a trained soldier and skinny as a stick with very little experience in life. Even though it was the 60s with the sexual revolution, rebellions and flights to the moon, he still felt like a kid. He was a good runner, but that wasn’t enough to make a career in…

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