7 Deadly Sins of Your Man

2800 1867 Robbie Coach

Everyone has something on their conscience. You probably already know your man is not perfect and no other guy will be perfect the way you want him to be. Before you start your sulk, try to tilt at windmills or, what is worse, force your guy to the habit of sincerity with himself, think about whether to castrate him mentally or effectively discourage him from yourself. I don’t know why,…

Love in the best relationships is not automatic

2800 1867 Robbie Coach

I would be lying if I said that the beginnings are not exciting – because they usually bring the perfectly dreamy image in High Definition with a Dolby Surround and, to be honest, we always have high expectations for them. With such attitude we begin the first businesses, start-ups, purchasing gym passes for the whole year and modernisation of refrigerators in madness that from today we are going to eat…

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