Why do people make excuses?
Why do people make excuses?
7 April 2018 • 3 minute read

Why do people make excuses?

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“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”, said Helena Rubinstein, a Polish American philanthropist. Same goes for excuses. We all have great potential, but it’s just easier to make excuses.

Apparently, if someone is being chased by an angry bear they can run way beyond their normal abilities, in some cases even run a marathon without having ever participated in one. I don’t necessarily agree with that because most people get tired, stop and curl up on the ground, covering their faces in a hope that the end will be quick and painless. People don’t like to step outside their comfort zones and in this day and age of “couch and TV” culture the thought of burning muscles is as unbearable as “Friends” without Joey.

Mark was terrified of making socialising with strangers. It was even worse when it came to talking to women – he basically just didn’t. He was pretty smart though, so he knew he had to change something. This is why he started devouring books on personal growth. He also attended a couple of workshops and finally even signed up for Toastmaster. I know because I went with him. Three years later and Mark is a brand-new man. Today, he is a well-spoken guy, next to whom I seem inarticulate. This is only the beginning of his story. Mark had a passion for photography. He needed good equipment but didn’t have the money. At that time I was helping my club find some new sponsors. I was sending offers to a bunch of companies but none seemed interested and only very few even responded. Mark liked the idea. He made his own list of five companies and visited their offices in person. He offered them his services as a photographer at any work event of their choice. A month later I saw him with some high spec equipment. Today, he owns a big studio, he is happy and thinks that he’s got the best job in the world.

We only grow, when we overcome obstacles.

If Mark hadn’t decided to work on his weaknesses, more than likely he would have been doing something he doesn’t like, would have still been single and his social anxiety would have controlled all his life. Even though it was tough and required a lot of time, remember that time will pass regardless and then you will either end up eaten by a bear or be twice as grateful for the life you have.


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